Wednesday, May 18, 2005



My housemate made me a drop-dead gorgeous hot baguette yesterday. Steak, Camembert, Horseradish and Waitrose Apple and Walnut Chutney. Also did a waldorf salad on the side. She rocks.
This Apple and Walnut Chutney is surely Cheese's best friend! The walnuts in it have gone just that little bit soft, and makes their scrunchiness just perfect. Shall have to purchase some Manchego and some Stilton, and get some experiments underway. Mate, your chutney's days are numbered!

Tuesday, May 03, 2005



I had a dream this weekend that I was in a beautiful greenhouse, but couldn't hear much, because my ears were clogged full of wax. Then this cross between a woodpecker and hummingbird lighted upon my shoulder, slipped its beak into my ear and started feeding on my lug-jam. I got really worried, as I thought that he was about to start hammering into my brain woodpecker-style, but it was allright - Death just peered from his black cloak, waved his bony hand at me and said it would be fine.

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