Tuesday, July 05, 2005


Something Slithery This Way Slithers

I was very much inspired by a William Blake poem posted by Marv

So, I wrote this.

The Green-Eyed Serpent
Coiled on his stone
Surveying the world
From his barren, cold home.
No-one could see him sneering.

He saw all god's creatures,
Saw beauty and love
And knew he was different
To all those above.
Coil tighter.
"My scales shine all the brighter."

He feels warmer now,
Hating all with lust.
Basking in their folly,
Flicked his tongue in disgust.
"Should you care,
You would love me and despair."

As night fell to the rise of the moon
Our serpent swayed to his very own tune.
So lonely, still, as the frost moved in
And fixed his smile in a frozen grin.
So much colder.
None the wiser, nor the bolder.

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