Monday, October 11, 2004


Intro Rant


A little introduction on myself, I think, I'm Sharyn and my favourite pastimes are cheese, wine and sunshine. Especially cheese. I am also quite obsessed by mushrooms at present, it is very much the season right now, you know. And it gets me out into the countryside and undergrowth. Apparently the other night I was found crashed on a friends' bed having been heavily dosed with Sambuca talking about fungus and mushrooms in my sleep. I think the spores have invaded my brain. Am missing the English summertime already, those two weeks seem to have passed - I am usually found doing things like this:
(Picture above)
Here is a picture of my boyfriend, Steve the sheep. As you can see, he is quite the cuddly sort, and he is very low maintenance as long as you feed him grass and give him the occasional stroking. His downsides are getting poo caught in his fur and his refusal to contribute to Sunday roasts. Please feel free to leave a message for him, he doesn't have his own blog, as his little tiny hooves can't cope with a keyboard.
(Picture above - I'm crap at blogs)

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