Monday, April 11, 2005


Other Inventions

I had a great idea for a black forest trifle - using chocolate brownies, tinned black cherries - even chose the kind of custard I was going to use...that creamy pale tub from waitrose with vanilla flecks in...and then I found a black forest trifle available in Sainsbury's! Got such a strop on I cant be arsed to make it now.
Now if only someone fancied beating me to my invention of a giant instantly chargeable battery, which can be carried on the back of a lorry with an extendible conductor, so it can be driven directly to lightning storms.....anyone?


This naughty apple-based product contains all the power you will ever need.

Rigth up to the point at which you wet yourself.
Heh heh. The wet pants might make an albeit slightly uncomfortable conductor, too. But I wouldn't use White Lightning.

However, if I got my Cheese cauldron out and made a Cheddar, Cider and mustard fondue, maybe I could RULE THE WORLD!!! BWAAAHAHAHAHAAAAA!
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