Friday, August 19, 2005


Adventures of a Fluffy Monster

The guys at have very kindly used a story of mine.
The point of the site is to recall a time that you hold dear in your memory - some people told of how they helped a person in the third world, or changed the lives of a bunch of kids...I did Breaking into Glastonbuty Festival. Tee hee.

EXCELLENT. Although I am a bit cross, cos you made me spit out some cider.
Aw, sorry mister, I never meant no trouble!
I'm sure I should be buying you a pint sometime soon, anywhoo.
Security guards and vans milling about at the entrance like an ants nest, persuaded us to take a wide berth and head off into a nearby field. It took a few minutes to realise that single-file in a cornfield is the best idea, in order to not crush the farmers hard-earned crops. "

excellent story sharyn. I have done a similar thing once or twice myself, but i never paid any attension to the crops. and its true to me now, if you pay attension and are mindful of the crops, plants, trees, rivers and such then, you might get better luck elsewhere. Sort of like Karma. kind of. Thanks for reminding me about the crops sharyn. After all, most nations, languages, cultures, religions, Banks, cherchiz made themselves through some kind of interactive process with either wheat, barley, rhy, corn. So Corn got a whole lotta Old school "money karma" in some sense. I ramble.....and gamble a new angle.
Luverly story Sharyn, tell us another. if you like?
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