Monday, March 06, 2006


This is one of many pictures my stepdad has done. I get to brag because my mug turns up in a few of his illustrations and luckily he is clever enough to make it seem that I wouldn't look like a complete twat in a pink beret. Its from a book cover called All Fall Down, by Jenny Oldfield. I wonder what those shifty looking characters behind me are saying? Posted by Picasa

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Well, by crikey shawn.

And to think! I wasted 4 years of my life going to university and having fun. To think that I could have just sent you a couple of hundred quid, and you would have sent me a badly photocopied degree with my name mispealt on it.

And I of course have implicit trust in a spotty 16 year old who runs a buisness from his Mum's loft.

Like the way all the degrees are in inverted commas by the way.

Shawn, pretend its a computer game and oyutside and meet gurulls.
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Blimey! Aint it just weird who you stumble across whilst cruising the net? How's it going matey? I've still got the Elephantasm painting, and no you still can't have it.

Wow! You look stunning - and no, really nothing like a twat at all! I fear the shifty characters' thoughts may not be entirely fit for a family audience... ;-)
Why thank you Recruiting Officer, You are too kind. I like your blog.

And hello Simon, I am still hating on you for not giving me Elephantasm!!! Hope you are well honey.
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