Sunday, August 06, 2006


Paradise Lost

Between the age of 6 and 7 (my mates hear about this on a painfully regular basis), I lived on a 5x7 mile island called Boracay, in the Philippines. This is a picture of my Mum, sister and I in potato-sack trousers coming back from a shopping trip on a nearby larger island.Its a pleasure to share a moment or two of these very precious memories. Posted by Picasa

The view from our bungalow, which was similar to the one in front.... Posted by Picasa

My time was split between exploring the island in my pants, floating in the sea, avoiding the island's 'school' and being dumbstruck by the sunsets every evening. I hope to share some more pictures like this in the future, when I get my sticky mitts on them! Posted by Picasa

Paradise Lost. That strikes a chord. A minor one.
Hi Sharyn,
I read that first time as "shopping trip on a *lager* island", and thought it a bit of an extreme trek for a tinny.

Have you looked up Boracay on the web lately? If not, then don't. They have a tourist ministry and everything. Looks like Florida with all the beach-front hotels and watersports...

I know. Worst moment ever was when I was talking to a chav in a pizza restaurant - happened on the Boracay subject - couldnt believe my ears when he said 'oh yeah, went there last year. Y'know, thats where they do the American Volleyball championships every few years'. Broke my heart. I aint going back!
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